2022 40,000 Results!

Here are our 40,000 Club Members:

Xavier Bias, Aidan Reynolds, Adrian Lupinacci, Henry Stiglitz, Adam Hetz, Christian Lupinacci, Joey Hetz, Connor Haran!

Also, the following participants did over 20,000 reps!

Rowan Slider, Nolan Reddy, Joseph Bias, Quinn Lynam!

Others participating are:

Rory Diven, Joe Gulish, M. Rowan Skocik, Andrew Pinilla, Nicholas Zundel, Sam Wetzel, Anders Lerach, Jack Estabrook, Quinn Lynam, Brody Kappeler, Declan Sowerby, Kyle Quigley, Jonah Loboda, Wynn Norris, Brady Westbrook, William Norton, John Poggi, Joe Gibbons, Andrew Hyland, Sam McAuley, Liam Campbell, Thandie Norris, Miles Halter, Preston Bloomburg, Tre Burstein, Ike Burstein James White, Zachary Lynam and Liam White

We did a grand total of 629,428 reps on the wall this Summer!

Congratulations, and keep hitting the wall!

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