Girls Lacrosse Equipment Recommendations

Have questions about what equipment your daughter needs to play lacrosse?

Check out USA Lacrosse's Youth Lacrosse Equipment Guide and the following equipment recommendations:


  • Mouthguard and mouthguard case - "Insta-fit" mouthguards are recommended for our 1st and 2nd grade players if there are not used to having a mouth protector in while exercising.  3rd-8th grade players can use whatever type of protective mouthguard they like, but you MUST mold or re-mold your daughter’s mouthguard to their ever-changing mouth shape PRIOR TO THE FIRST PRACTICE!  Mouthguards can be any color EXCEPT CLEAR.


  • Cleats/Turf shoes (soccer cleats are fine)


  • Gloves (optional for cold weather practices/games)


  • Navy or black base layers should be worn under game day uniforms in cold weather. (3rd-8th graders)


  • Navy or black spandex shorts should be worn under game day uniform kilts in warmer weather. (3rd-8th graders)


  • Stick length: For younger players, please consider taking the end cap off your daughter’s standard-length stick shaft and cutting down the length of the stick with a small serrated blade hacksaw.  Measure along the length of the player’s arm to know how much to cut.  The shaft should run from the tip of the player’s center finger to the back of their shoulder (Add a few inches to account for your daughter’s continuing height increases, so you’re not buying a new stick after every growth spurt!).