Manzo's Wall - Wall Ball Routines


“You can never spend too much time on the wall. Never.” - Paul Rabil

Attention all Lebo Lax Boys and Girls HS and Youth Players: Grab your stick and a ball and head on up to “Manzo’s Wall” (located above the HS Stadium) AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE and try out the following wall ball routines!

Named in honor of longtime Mt. Lebanon Youth Lacrosse coach, Mike Manzo, the Wall will help improve the stick skills of every Lebo lax player that utilizes this great resource.

It's available...go hit the wall!


Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills for Beginners:

  • 25 right hand passes, right hand catches
  • 25 left hand passes, left hand catches
  • 25 right hand passes, left hand catches
  • 25 left hand passes, right hand catches
  • 25 split dodge or face dodge & shoot – right & left​

Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills for Intermediate & Advanced Players:

  • ​Catch cross handed - Pass right and have the ball come back on your left side but catch with your right hand (with the stick coming across your body).
  • Change your distance from the wall (i.e. shoot & catch from 5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards, etc.)
  • Try different shooting angles (i.e. shoot overhand, sidearm and underhand against the wall)
  • Run along side the wall while throwing & catching
  • Practice scooping up groundballs by shooting low and scooping up the returning groundball
  • Practice fakes and shoot against the wall
  • Quick stick drills
  • Behind the back passes and shots
  • One handed catches – Catch passes off the wall with only one hand on the stick! This will help you to handle those difficult/almost out-of-reach catches.