2023 40,000 Leader Board!

All of our 2023 40,000 Members: 

Luke Prezioso, Miles Halter, Cooper Saracco, Cole Chesebro, Christian Lupinacci, Aubrey Betler, and Adrian Lupinacci! 

All of our 20,000 (or more) participants:

Liam Jamieson, Sam McAuley, William Ivanov, Kris Kambitsis, Nicholas Zundel, Garrett Glynn, Connor Haran, Joseph Bias, Griffin Krupp, Elijah Schaerli, and Rowan Slider!

Everyone who repped this summer and got better:

Mason Kitchen, Max Pirain, Keegan Green, Andrew Pinilla, Brody Kappeler, Ian Rutter, Jonah Loboda, James Grumbine, Ryan Reddy, Andrew Hyland, Grayson Beck, Luka Bilec, Nolan Reddy, Garrett Cramer, Wynn Norris, Anders Lerach, Graham Bloomburg, Mason Prettyman, Gabe Clackson, Marko Janjic, Vincent Misutka, Owen Dewey, Quinn Lynam, Max Prezioso, Thandie Norris, Aiden Halter, Preston Bloomburg, Fred LaSota, and Declan Sowerby!

We did a grand total of 726,695 reps on the wall this summer!

Congratulations, and keep hitting the wall!

Want to join the race? Check out the info here!

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