The 40,000 Club is a program to promote off-season work with your lacrosse stick. You have from June 2nd until August 28th to complete 40,000 reps on the wall. 20,000 of your reps must be dedicated to your off-hand and High School players should work on their part-whole passing routine. For example, top hand right (50 reps), top hand left (50 reps), bottom hand right (50 reps), bottom hand left (50 reps) then all righty (200 reps), and all lefty (200 reps). Aim for a spot on the wall and snap your top-hand wrist every time. Also, this summer, you can dedicate 9,000 of your reps to shooting with your off-hand and 6,000 reps shooting with your strong hand! Special rule: if you have a summer lacrosse practice that will count for 200 reps on the wall, if you have a summer lacrosse game that will count for 100 reps on the wall.

Each week you are asked to enter your data on the following Google Form (please bookmark it).
40,000 Club Check In Form

If you want your name added, Coach Hooton will add it to the form. Please Email him at

Every Thursday, a leader board will be released on the Mt. Lebanon Lacrosse website so that you can compare your progress against your peers. This off-season club only works if you honor the game and give truthful accounts of your progress.

There are 88 days in your summer vacation, if you do 550 reps on the wall every single day, you’ll get to 40,000.

To further promote stick work, this 2022 summer we’re going to try out a tiered system for our youth players. If you’re entering 6th, 7th, 8th or the high school — 20,000 reps on the wall will get you the club T-shirt. If you’re entering Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade –10,000 reps on the wall will get you the T-shirt. Though, please note, only 40,000 reps will get your name printed on the back of the shirt for all subsequent summers.

All Mt. Lebanon lacrosse players and alumni are welcome to participate in making their sticks better. Club T-shirts cannot be bought – they can only be earned through hard, consistent work over the 2022 summer. Good luck and go hit that wall!